A Once In A Lifetime Event


In March, Chant Claire will perform “Carmina Burana” in a spectacular collaboration with Skylight Music Theatre, Milwaukee Opera Theatre, and Danceworks Performance Company. Featuring the thrilling music of composer Carl Orff, this cantata takes an unflinching look at the pleasures and perils of the human condition. Four organizations unite to reconceive this masterpiece for the intimate Cabot stage, as “total theatre” in which music, dance and words are inseparable.

Stage Director Jill Anna Ponasik described the collaborative version of Carmina at Skylight this way: “Is it an opera? No. Is it a musical? No. Is it a concert? No. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that unites theatre, dance, music, and visual images in performance.” In a recent press release, she added that this version “will feel as though it is speaking to you in a way that is immediate, direct, and instantly relatable. Even though we are using the original languages of Latin, French and German, the message will be clear. We are bringing Carmina Burana up close and will see ourselves in the performers onstage. Their experiences are ours.”

For more details and tickets, visit the Skylight Music Theatre website: http://www.skylightmusictheatre.org/shows-events/on-stage/carmina-burana. ​

Press Release: http://www.skylightmusictheatre.org/articles/cast-and-creative-team-announced-for-carmina-burana

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