Choir rehearsal at a bar?!


Rehearsal at Bosch Tavern in Hales Corners

We did something a little bit different for rehearsal this week. A bunch of us have a weekly tradition where after our Tuesday night rehearsals, we head over to Bosch Tavern in Hales Corners for wings and a few drinks. We’ve become such regular faces there that we figured hey, why not go and sing there for a bit as well? Katie, our fantastic regular waitress, worked with Ben to set it up, and so last night we spent the first half of rehearsal at our usual spot in Greendale Community Church before spending the second half at Bosch.

It wound up being a ton of fun. It was good to sing in a different environment and in mixed formation; it forces us to listen to what’s happening around us and be more attentive singers. It was also just a cool change of pace and a really relaxed environment (not that we’ve ever been a group to foster a high-stress environment!).

The music is coming along great, particularly “Sleep” by Eric Whitacre and our arrangements of “Sure On This Shining Night” by Lauridsen and Barber. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Speaking of sharing our music, you may have seen on Facebook that we have two mini-concerts coming up in April. One of these is on Monday, April 14th with the UW-Eau Claire Concert Choir, and the other is on Friday, April 25th with the Alverno College Choir. You can find more information about these performances on our events page. If you’re interested, come on out and join us and get a preview of what we’ll be singing on our full spring concert! It’s also a great way to support other fantastic singing groups.

Finally, we officially bid farewell to our friend Alex Chilsen, who has sung baritone with us and played piano at our first concert and our rehearsals. He’s taking a gig playing piano on cruise ships in the Caribbean… rough life, right? We’ll miss him, but we know that he’s going to have a blast.

Happy Wednesday!

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