It’s concert week!


Rehearsing on Tuesday night.

It’s a busy week for us all in Chant Claire – our first ever concert is coming up on Sunday, which means we’ve got just a few days to polish our selection of songs and prepare for our first full performance as a choir. We’ve been rehearsing for three months now, and most of us are probably feeling pretty ready for the real thing.

Tuesday night we had our second-to-last rehearsal (we have a dress rehearsal Friday night at All Saints Cathedral, the site of our concert), so we took a few minutes to clean up some trouble spots in our songs before running through them all in concert order. Gotta say, hearing it all at once now gives me a better appreciation for the repertoire Ben picked out for us this fall. There is some really great music in there. I’ve had other choir friends ask what we’re singing on this concert, and all of them have the same reaction as well – it’s excellent choral music that, when performed well, is some really gorgeous stuff.

It’ll be awesome to finally hear what it sounds like in the acoustic setting of All Saints Cathedral. In Ola Gjeilo’s Northern Lights, for example, there are some chords that you can tell were implemented specifically for a huge church setting, where the notes would bounce off the walls and the ceiling and resonate beautifully. While it’s sounded great in our rehearsal space, it should be even better once we get to All Saints.


Arranging music before the Tuckaway performance.


Then tonight we were honored to be invited to a holiday gathering for Manchester Investments at Tuckaway Country Club. John and Teri Bill were extremely gracious hosts, and it was a pleasure to be able to come in and sing for their event. This was our first live audience EVER as a choir, and while we were a little less prepared on the carols we threw in for tonight (“The First Noel,” “Hark the Herald Angels Sing,” “Carol of the Bells”) I think we all came away feeling pretty good about the performance. It was a joy to be able to speak with some of the guests at the event as well, some of whom indicated they’d be coming to see us on Sunday!

Just a few more days until our first concert. Thanks again to everyone who welcomed us tonight for our inaugural performance, and we look forward to seeing many more people (hopefully!) on Sunday.

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  1. I was one of the guests last night at Tuckaway Country Club. Can’t tell you how much we enjoyed your concert. We were lucky to be sitting at a table right in front of you. You did a great job directing Ben & the choirs voices were great!!
    Thanks for entertaining! Hope your future concerts are as enjoyable as last night was!

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