Wisconsin Composer Series: Sean Ellis Hussey

As we lead up to our April 18th concert featuring music by Wisconsin composers, we are profiling some of the composers and their pieces that we are featuring. We hope that you come out and join us at Alverno College Chapel on April 18th at 7 p.m.!

Sean Ellis Hussey seanellishusseycomposer.weebly.com

Sean Ellis Hussey: “Lord Ronald”

Sean Ellis Hussey is a native of Appleton, Wisconsin, and despite his young age has already started to make his mark on music in the Midwest. His music has been presented and performed in a variety of venues including Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI; Cleveland, OH; Duke University, NC; Maccagno, Italy; and St. Andrews University, Scotland by such groups and artists as the Cleveland Chamber Symphony, The Maggini Quartet, Fifth House Ensemble, Ars Futura Ensemble, and John and Liz Pearse Duo.

He holds a bachelors degree in music composition from BWU in Cleveland, OH where he studied with Dr. Clint Needham, Dr. Mandy Fan and David Gooding. Sean has also studied privately with Dan Visconti, Zhou Tian and Matt Turner. Today, he resides in Chicago.

On our upcoming concert, we will be performing Mr. Hussey’s piece “Lord Ronald.”

“Lord Ronald is a Scottish folk ballad traditionally sung by a single vocalist,” Hussey said. “This dramatic arrangement highlights the unsettling conversation between a mother and her son brought to life through ethereal and chilling textures.”

Rather than using a single vocalist, the piece is divided into two small groups and the rest of the choir. A small group of men play the part of Lord Ronald, and a small group of women play the part of his mother. The rest of the choir adds texture and ambiance to the piece with “ooo”s, some of which create some really sharp dissonance to add to the creepy atmosphere of the piece.

Be sure to pay close attention to “Lord Ronald,” as the ballad’s lyrics are among the most interesting that you’ll hear on our concert. It is perhaps the most unique piece we are singing this spring, and we are excited to have the opportunity to perform it!

For more information about Sean Ellis Hussey and his music, visit seanellishusseycomposer.weebly.com. 

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